How Can I Track My Order?

Nancy -

Our standard shipping method is with USPS and has a typical transit time of 7-10 days from ship date. Once your order has left the warehouse, you will receive a shipping notification email which includes your tracking number. It can take 1-3 days for your tracking to update.


For the first leg of the journey, your order will be in ground transit to your local post office via DHL. Tracking will show that USPS is currently awaiting the package. The tracking details will not be updated during this time, but the shipment is indeed moving! Once the order is received at your local post office, USPS will update tracking with an estimated delivery date. Orders are usually received very quickly from that point – within 1-3 days!


If it has been more than 10 days since your order shipped, and your tracking still reflects no update, please notify us!


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