How to Process a Return for Refund

Nancy -

Need to return your Blanqi? We are so bummed that the item did not work out for you! Luckily, our online return process is quick and hassle-free. You may initiate the process through this link -

Simply enter the email address associated with your order and follow the instructions.  Click the picture of the item that you would like to return and choose the reason for the return. Choose Return and submit for a refund. The system will show you the estimated refund amount, which will be the cost you paid for the item, plus any eligible sales tax. You will be able to download a return shipping label for sending back your item!


You will have 30 days for us to receive the returned item. Our return labels ship regular USPS mail, so you may simply drop the return in your mailbox at your convenience.


The system may offer you an Instant Refund Voucher in case you would like to purchase something different right away. This voucher is temporary and optional – if you choose not to use it, the refund amount will be issued back to your original method of payment when our warehouse receives and processes your return.


Please note, international orders cannot be returned using this portal. If you have an international return request, please email us.

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