I Have Fraying Seams Around the Belly Panel

Nancy -

You may find that the inside seam around the belly panel of your BLANQI maternity piece appears puffy or frayed. This is not a defect but is actually a common trait of seamless garments. It occurs when the circular sewing machine drops stitches to change compression level but cuts the excess yarn at varying lengths. The excess yarn will not affect the integrity of the product, but if it is so pronounced that it shows through or causes discomfort, we are more than happy to replace the item!


If you would like to exchange for a replacement, you can process a quick and easy return using this link: https://returns.blanqi.com


Simply enter the email address associated with the order and follow the instructions. Click the picture of the item you want to replace and choose reason-other. Once our returns processor considers your return as eligible for exchange, you will be able to pick the size and color of your replacement pair. After the submitting the return, you will be able to download a return shipping label for sending the original item back to us. The new item will ship out within one business day!

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