What is the difference between the Everyday™ Legging styles?

Nancy -

All of our Everyday™ leggings are made with the same buttery-soft, breathable fabric for light compression and smoothing.
Each style offers a unique combination of waistband and targeted compression to support a specific season of motherhood.
The Belly Support style has a super stretchy belly panel that grows with your baby bump, allowing you to wear them all the way up to delivery day. With built-in belly support and X-shaped back support, these leggings help alleviate lower back pain and pelvic pressure.
The Highwaist Postpartum style has a solid knit waist that extends to your bra line to smooth and hug your core after delivery. The seamless design does not aggravate C-section scars and provides just enough compression to keep your tummy feeling supported, never constricted, as it recovers from pregnancy and delivery.
Our new Hipster style offers a 2-ply waistband with a lower rise to target the post-partum belly that can linger for months or years after baby is born! This is an ever-after support legging to smooth and secure your beautiful body that motherhood made!
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