Can the Everyday™ Maternity Leggings be worn postpartum?

Nancy -

While many mamas find the Belly Support leggings to be a super comfortable option in the weeks right after delivery, we do not suggest this style for postpartum use.
The Belly Support leggings have a super stretchy belly panel intended to accommodate a growing baby bump. By design, they will not support or secure a postpartum tummy, and will actually accentuate the belly area.
For the very best postpartum support, you will definitely want to consider our Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing leggings.
These have a solid knit waist that extends to your bra line to smooth and hug your core after delivery.
The seamless design does not aggravate C-section scars and provides just enough compression to keep your tummy feeling supported, never constricted, as it recovers from pregnancy and delivery.
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