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How you wash your clothing can dramatically effect the longevity, look, and shape. Please wash and dry as instructed on the care label.


We recommend always washing our Seamless Support styles inside out to protect from fading and excessive wear. Do not wash with clothing that has zippers, buttons, appliquéd textures, or anything that may snag the material. Make sure to use a mild detergent, wash on cold in the gentle cycle with similar colors. We suggest line drying, but should you need to put in the dryer, do so on gentle with low heat. Do not dry clean or bleach. 


We highly suggest hand washing hosiery, but if you do choose to clean them in the washing machine, use a mesh laundry bag to prevent them from being stretched out or wrapped around the other articles of clothing. Not washing with care will affect the premier quality and desired fit of the apparel.


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